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We Ship to Canada, the Caribbean and most any International location. Many of our vendors have warehouse locations in Canada as well as the US.

Supplier of industrial components and equipment for industry, including radial stacker conveyors, air compressors, bearings, sheaves, sprockets and sawmill supplies, Toll Free: 877.266.8202

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Featured Manufacturers

Baldor Electric: Electric: motors, sheaves, bushings, speed reducers
Argonics: Engineered polyurethane product
Vertex Standard: 2-way communication

Bearings and Drive Components

  • chain
  • conveyors & radial stackers (pictures and links)
  • conveyor belting
  • conveyor belt fasteners
  • conveyor components
  • cycloidal speed reducers
  • electric motors
  • gear motors
  • gearboxes and speed reducers
  • helical & helical inline speed reducers
  • leaf chain
  • planetary gearbox/speed rdeucers
  • right angle bevel gearbox
  • right angle worm gear speed reducers
  • ratio multiplier
  • roller chain
  • solid journal bearings attachment chain
  • split journal bearings
  • rigid 40 deg. split journal bearings
  • v-belts (conventional, metric, banded, hex and kevlar)
  • welded steel chain (mill chain)

Conveyor Equipment and Components

  • elevator buckets & accessories
  • radial stacker.info
  • radial stackers
  • screw conveyors
  • screw conveyor drive (augers)

Sawmill Products

  • chipper knives, debarker teeth & heads, coleman teeth
  • saw bits
  • saw teeth
  • steel banding
  • widebands