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V-belts (Conventional, Metric, Banded, Hex and Kevlar)



  • spz, spa, spb, spc, metric series v-belts 
  • a,b,c,d section conventional industrial v-belts
  • ax,bx,cx cogged
  • 3v,5v,8v
  • 3vx,5vx,8vx cogged
  • 3L,4L,5L
  • aa,bb,cc double sided (hex) belts
  • Variable speed belts                                                                              




















V-belts for the following

  • rock crushers
  • sawmills
  • feed mills
  • equipment 

Specializing in metric, kevlar and banded v-belts with multiple ribs


 Images top to bottom- metric, classic industrial, hex, variable speed, banded, cogged



 V-belts for heavy duty and industrial applications