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Ratio Multiplier

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Ratio multipliers have many uses, such as to install between a c-face speed reducer and the motor. When used this way you multiply the ratio of your speed reducer/gearbox having the same effect as a double reduction speed reducer/gearbox. Here is an example. 1725 rpm motor hooked to a 30:1 reduction c-face gearbox with a 5:1 ratio multiplier (1725 divided by 30 divided by 5=11.5 final output rpm) There are many other applications for them. One advantage of using them is they are compact in size also they will allow you to use a gearbox you already have on hand in many cases. You can use your imagination with these devices. E-mail us for help.

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Gearbox/Speed Reducer Types

***Right Angle Worm Gear  

***Shaft Mount Speed Reducers  

 ***Cycloidal Gearbox   ***Gear Motors